Indigo Yoga Resort

Surf & SUP


We are blessed to be close to some amazing points, reefs, and 3 consistant beachbreaks all within walking distance or a short drive from the hotel. With surfing during your stay or retreats at Indigo, you will focus on elements of breath and flow .

Facilitating the surfing and SUP , we have teamed up with one of the best surf schools in town

Our select instructors are highly experienced and will cater to all levels from beginner, intermediate , to high performance surf training for experienced surfers.

Ramon Taliani local pro surfer who competes in the national surfing competition ,international events in Europe and has represented at several ISA world surfing games. Certified ISA surf instructor and lifeguard

Ben Dayman 30 years surfing experience, 10 years teaching surfing , was also a former aerialist working in the circus and teaching in circus schools , around the world ,

Also certified Surfing Australia surf coach , lifeguard and ISA surf judge.

We offer the following levels of lessons:

Level 1: Cruising (Beginner)
Level 2: Maneuverability: timing, turning the board, and advance
board techniques (Intermediate)
Level 3: Beginning surfing (Advanced)

Also check our Surfcamp Packages in our surf menu.

Larger, more advanced wave training is available upon request. Candidates must be pre-screened before lesson in order to test abilities for bigger surf.